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No-Risk Shopping
No-Risk Shopping


Currently customers may settle their payment at www.silverngrace.com via the below channels:
 - Visa
 - Master Card
 - Paypal #

# For security reasons, SILVER'N GRACE offers Paypal system to our customers for payment processing. 

By using Paypal, you can still use different kinds of credit cards to process the payment as usual. 

However, your data is automatically passed on to Paypal system for payment processing, while

SILVER'N GRACE does not have your credit card information.

By using Paypal, payments can be automatically converted to your desired currency, at the moment

Paypal can accept payments in 18 currencies. Paypal, as an indenpendant party, will use your data

solely for the purpose of processing payments.  If you believe that someone has tried to misuse your

credit card, please follow the instructions of your card issuer immediately and contact us via email.

Email address:
[email protected]

Please be rest assured that all sensitive data transferred to and from www.silverngrace.com has been