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     1. "Grace-Points" are rewarded for any purchase at www.silverngrace.com.



     2. "Grace-Points" are indicated as  ""  symbol.



     3. The gain of each "Grace-Point" is nearly equal to each purchase of USD1.00, and is subject to

          the reward of purchased items.



     4. When "Grace-Points" accumulate to specified amount, they can be redeemed to exchange 

          the specified gift(s).



     5. "Grace-Points" Reward Scheme 


Accumulated "Grace-Points" Gifts


One Piece of Butterfly Brooch (3L*3W cm)





(1) One Piece of Butterfly Brooch (3L*3W cm)





(2) One Piece of Jewellry Box (12L*12W*12H cm)


          # < Please specify the color when placing an order. >



     6. "Grace-Points" rewarded from purchases, can be redeemed immediately whenmember settle

          their payment (member's account accumuates to at least 150 "Grace-Points" or above).



     7. Members have to redeem all "Grace-Points" in two years expiratory period.



     8. "Grace-Points" can only be redeemed with purchases; they cannot be exchangeable for cash,

          and no change will be given in any form.



     9. In case of any dispute arising from " Grace-Points" Reward Scheme, the decision of

         SILVER'N GRACE shall be final.



    10. In promotion period, 10 "Grace-Points" will be rewarded for all new members of

          successful registration.



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